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Alan Mark Levinson
phone: 831 425-0691


Bad Name Records
"The name may be bad,
but the songs are good."
California Home Designs
CHD provides distinctive custom home design. (shared work)
Evelyn Nerenberg, Psychotherapist
The services and approach of a Minneapolis-based psychotherapist.
JumpApps, Inc.
JumpApps, Inc. is a boutique software firm. (shared work)
Strawberry Fairchild & The Green Flame
An illustrated fable for adults
by Alan Mark Train.
TradeTech Consulting Ltd.
The consulting services of financial software experts. (upcoming website)

JavaScript Toolkits In Action

Animation: 'Chase The Dolphins'
(jQuery UI Draggable Plugin)

Demo: Image Opacity / Background Color
(Ext JS MessageBox Widgets)

Demo: Image Opacity / Background Color
(jQuery UI Dialog Widgets)

Slide Shows

Bad Name Records Slide Show
(Flash Template)

Bear Slide Show: Selectable Soundtrack
(Flash Template)

Dynamic Slide Show

Photo Galleries


Bear Photo Gallery   
(Flash Template)

Word Montage

.   Suspiciously Blue Word Montage
(Wordle Image)

Virtual CDs
(Flash Templates)

Anticipating Splendor
Bright Flames Dance
Hearsed and ReHearsed
Planetary Rhythms
Sweet Mango

Anticipating Splendor by Prince Lawsha Sweet Mango by Prince Lawsha

  Music Player
(JavaScript, Ajax, PHP)

Playlist Creation and Music Player
   • Check One Or More Boxes
    • Loop, Random Play or Shuffle
   • Create A Default Playlist


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