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CD Baby 5-Star 


A well-wrought quality of tangibility and transience is apparent throughout.


Rock me softly, cinematically, as in an Eva Jay sunrise!


The tunes on the Eva Jay Fortune Band's second release, Suspiciously Blue, embrace a wide range of emotions with confidence and compassion -- from the brooding loneliness and isolation of Lonely Street (“Lonely street, there's that four a.m. wind...”) to the joys of self-discovery in Place In This World (“It's as simple as finding your place in this world...”) to the impulse towards companionship and intimacy that imbue Love's Door and Ride (“I might not mind this time / I might enjoy the ride / If we should stumble and fall for each other”).

The fifth track, Glitter (Coming Down) stands out as a stylishly mixed rock'n'roll jewel. It opens -- echoes of Bowie's Station To Station and Scary Monsters releases -- with crystalline waves of electric guitar feedback that slowly fade out as the snare drum kicks in and the lead guitar lines rise up, crisp and clear, in the foreground.

Suspiciously Blue has an intimate and expansive lyricism that is not easily labeled – atmospheric stuff whose fabric mixes well with hearts and the Bay Area fog.


Reviewer: Alan Mark Train




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